Restoration & Relocation for Sacred Art

Studio D'Oro LLC provides mosaic restoration services.  Finely rendered mosaics have been called 'paintings for eternity.'  And while the individual stone and glass materials may last for centuries, the backing substrate materials and adhesives holding the mosaic materials may not  themselves be so long-lived.  This can lead to delamination, cracking, lost tesserae, and deteriorated image quality.

Studio D'Oro LLC is available to assist in condition documentation, restoration plan consultation, and mosaic restoration.   

Studio D'Oro LLC also is available to relocate, remount or reinstall mosaics to new substrates or locations.  Contact us to discuss a custom plan for your specific needs.  



Studio D'Oro Restoration Case Study:

4 Baptismal Font Mural Mosaic Panels

Photo of the 4 corners of the Baptistry's existing mosaic murals before  restoration.

This mosaic is a central liturgical feature for this Houston area church, holding iconic imagery for the important Baptismal font of the community. The work holds a place of prominance in the spiritual and physical entrance to the church.   Over the years, several tesserea had dislodged and been lost, with some replaced with colors of less than perfect match, and the whole mosaic regrouted for stability.  Significant grout cover was left behind.  Further lacuna, or gaps, in the mosaic occured as time went on.   Studio D'Oro restored the mosaic with care for the continued enjoyment and use of the Baptistry. 

                         Composite photo of all 4 sides, restored, of the baptismal mural.                              (Click here for expanded image.)

The baptistry mosaic was restored by removing excess grout cover, stabilization, and replacing missing glass with appropriate material sourced from Studio D'Oro suppliers.  The mosaic restoration allows the imagery to re-emerge, to illustrate again the sacrament of Baptism.   The iconography references Old and New Testament scripture, the Holy Spirit as represented by a nimbed Dove hovers over the waters of creation (See Genesis 1:2) and Christ is baptized by John in the waters of the Jordan (Matthew 3:13), blessing the waters and blessing all of the new creation, initiating His public ministry which includes instruction to go forward and baptize all nations  (Matthew 28:19-20), including those at this Houston parish.


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