Studio D'Oro founder and lead artist Greg Haas grew up amid great old-world style art and mosaics of St. Louis, Missouri.    His life long study and love of great environments incorporating art & architecture then led him to seek training in Italy under a former Vatican Mosaic Studio Artist.    Haas founded Studio D'Oro in Houston to deliver timeless art to clients of today.  

"Mixed media mosaics are my favorite medium for their uniquely saturated color, reflective brilliance, texture, fragmentation  & massing.   I often combine both symbolism & realism.  The resultant images speak to today in an evocative language outside of time.    Most of my works are not about overt abstraction.   I prefer to approach expression via a gentler simplification of texture, relief, fragment & tessellation while allowing figurative &  symbolic images & even text to deliver multi-layered content.  The media & materials I use are strong, so they require strong images that aren't taken in all at once.  We may see things in pieces,  yet the union of the media of the work itself, as well as the union of the work within its setting, reveals a truer perception.  I intend my images to captivate us, to speak to us, to invite us to explore the material surface & read between the pieces while we absorb & understand the whole.   Not at all common today, mixed media mosaics can lead us out of the mundane, beyond  commodity objects & incessant commercial images in order to narrate simultaneously the 'there & always' within the 'here & now'"  - Greg Haas   


Our People:  Studio D'Oro, based in Houston, Texas, executes each  client commission with award winning workmanship and attentive personalized service.  Our location in Houston offers ready access to transportation and import specialists allowing us to assemble all the best for your project.  We work predominantly with local mosaicists, artisans, installers, designers, builders, and architects.  Yet we can also collaborate with fine artists and mosaicists from across the USA and beyond if needed to realize the best design, workmanship and delivery time for your commission.     


                                                                                                                      Installation at the 2008 ASID Showhome, The Woodlands, Texas.


Our Palette of Materials  --  The world offers a wide palette of beautiful materials - so we use them!   We work in gold. glass, stone, clay, gild, & pigment. as well as in recycled and reclaimed stone and glass.

             The saturated color of reflective glass, the durable beauty of rare blue marble and the incomparable brilliance of Venetian gold.


 Our Techniques are a careful balance of traditional methods when appropriate and modern methods where beneficial. We often use humble, renewable wheat paste like the ancients to temporarily adhere our mosaics in the studio.   To cut and fracture marble, we use the ancient stone cutters tools mounted in timber.  Called the Martellina and the Tagliolo, they are still made in Italy. Yet our vendors supply us with the best of the latest in materials which allow us to render durable works of art for any setting. We adjust our techniques specifically for each commission and work - whether interior or exterior, flat or 3 dimensional, dry or wet, floor or vault, wall or furnishing ... all have unique needs and our specialized techniques allow us to deliver durable and timeless art today.     

                                                                                                                 The traditional martellina & tagliolo also called 'hammer & hardie', cut marble the best even after millennia.