Our Ecclesiastic works come from our heart and from our Faith,  along with our training and techniques.  We offer our work in mosaic, painted mural, metal gilding, and egg tempera icons. From worship space wall murals to dome mosaics, from panelized mosaics and icons to inset inlays and encrustations for liturgical furnishings, from facade elements to flooring, from underwater baptistery accents to devotional art and recognition gift items... all are custom designed with prayer and in collaboration with the your local leadership, your architects, liturgical designers, contractors, and even your donors.   Enjoy the photos of our completed and installed new work below, see our restorations here, or see our sketchbook for simple unrealized works. 

                                                                                      Detail of the 42 ft dia. dome mosaic & mural at Christ the Redeemer Church, Houston.  G. Haas 2008.

                                                                                                          Lifesize Mosaic Icon of 'Christo, Pantocrator' written by G. Haas 2009.

An Analogy...  In a special way, the relatively rare medium of mosaics are uniquely well suited for ecclesiastic art.   Works of mosaic art are made of many individual pieces, or tessere, each uniquely individual and each hand selected, of many sizes, shapes, colors, origins, finishes.  Mosaics in this way are an analogous image of the Church.  Each one yields their qualities and gifts amongst their neighbor in service to a greater purpose and bigger picture.  Each remains identifiable, yet each has a role and can contribute to the realization of greater work, each experiencing a growth and magnification in community and significance than could be realized separately.  

Unity... The same is true for using mosaic throughout the same ecclesiastical space.  The use of multiple mosaics within a liturgical space and campus can tangibly link differing spaces - even different phases of construction.    And the careful selection of imagery and symbol can visually link a local church of the present day with the great churches of Christendom of many ages.  Whether renovating or constructing anew, whether refurnishing or adding framed art, mosaic can be put in service to Ecclesiastic spaces today as it has been in service through the history of Christianity.  We invite you to see the approach taken at Christ the Redeemer in the Photo Gallery, below.                                                                         

   Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church Photo Gallery


Repurposing & Reusing Materials...  With mosaics, no amount, no material, is too small or too humble for mosaic.  In fact, Studio D'Oro can repurpose and recycle unneeded or waste stone materials into meaningful works of art rendered in stone mosaic.   Remnants from new construction or renovation are especially useful in repurposing as new mosaics and imbue the work with unique history as well as durable beauty.  Literally, stone that the builders reject can be reclaimed and recycled into meaningful works of mosaic art. 

                                                                                                                 Marble mosaic cross from reclaimed flooring remnants of Sacred Heart CoCathedral, G. Haas, 2009.


Community Involvement... And like each individual piece within a mosaic,  individual gifts can do more together than any sole amount ever could.  Combined they tell a greater storey with greater meaning to more in the community.   Studio D'Oro also offers fundraising support for our Ecclesiastic clients including education, story boards and renderings, suggestions for memorials and donor recognition, and parishioner and community involvement opportunities.  

The importance of Prayer...  We at Studio D'Oro recognize that Ecclesiastic art is not  just art.   The Church and the faithful have long benefited by full treasury of Christian art, including that in the realm of the visual arts.   Whether for devotional purposes, education and illustration or liturgical use, we know our ecclesiastic work might be used in prayer today and in the future.  And we work on our ecclesiastic art as if it was a prayer ...piece by piece, line by line, color by color.    In addition to our Photo Ideabase, we repeatedly refer to our library with the Bible, Catechism, and other texts illuminating the literary and visual treasures of Christianity.  

            Don Giusseppe of Padua, Italy, here in his iconography studio, graced us with the ancient Prayer of the Iconographer.  We pray it in every session of fabrication for Ecclesiastic work.  He first used it learning from his teacher, Iconographer Lia Galdiolo.   (Preghiera) in Italiano, English translation here (prayer).

A motif in 5 different kinds of imported italian gold mosaic glass.



Contact us  to discuss how to put the remarkable art of mosaic, in service to the world of Christendom for millennia, into service at your part of the vineyard.   

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